• "Seth did a beautiful job on our 1250RT! Also a few months later took my art 1100 S and I have never had a more comfortable seat on this bike. This is been the only thing that bothered me about this motorcycle. Well after 150 miles today I am not sore at all. Very happy. Thank you Seth. "
    Vlad A -

  • "RDL comfort w/o the added height, static butt position, and wallet thinning penalty... my RDL hasn't gone back on my R12RT since I got my seat from Seth 5 years ago. In 38 years and 800K+ miles, this may be the easiest moto mod I have ever recommended. I have sent countless customers to Seth for their seat solutions, and can't count how many times I have been told after that it was the best mod advice of any kind they have ever gotten."
    Greg North -

  • "Just returned from a 1,000 mile trip to Whistler BC and Victoria BC, starting from the Portland Oregon area. The seat was so comfortable I was able to ride all the way from one gas stop to the next without a break. It was that comfortable of a ride. The stock seat for my Honda CTX700...well way too many stops between fill ups, so I was happy to toss the stock seat for LAAM's seat. Highly recommend LAAM seats. Thank you Seth!!!"
    Mike D -

  • " Got my new Laam seat for my st1300 a couple months ago sent it back for an adjustment & Seth turned it around in 24hrs... Awesome. Did 300 miles of commuting then took it on a Saddle sore 1,000. The seat was incredible never squirmed or moved once. Only stopped for fuel with my longest tank at 317mi! BY FAR THE MOST COMFORTABLE MOTORCYCLE SEAT I'VE EVER BEEN ON!.         "
    Jordan W -

  • "Not only did Seth & Company do a fantastic job on my seat, he also had the human decency to post a bulletin to his customer base about a lost knife he found while cleaning up his deck. I had kissed this fine William Henry knife off. Until i saw his post and leapt for joy. This kind of integrety speaks volumes about a decent human Being, which in todays climate of greed and violence blows like a fresh wind. You can trust this man to do a royally rightous job on your seat with no bullshit to go along with it, guaranteed! Thanks Seth  Patrick Cashmore"
    Pat Cashmore -

  • "Seth completely rebuilt the seat on my 2018 Star Eluder, giving me a more upright lumbar section, so I won’t tend to slouch as much. He also widened the passenger seat, giving it a contoured shape for my girlfriend. He offered to rebuild the factory passenger backrest for her to match the seat as well. Even gave us different widths of foam for her to test out and when she decides which would be more comfortable, send the pad to him and he would do it at NO COST! Haven’t had a chance to test it on a long ride yet, but will do so at Street Vibrations and have no doubt it will feel as good as it looks. Seth does great work at a fair price and is number one in my book. Thanks Seth!"
    David D -

  • " Excellent service, quality of work, conversation, and hospitality. I rode from Medford to Redding on a horrible stock seat that cut off my circulation and made my entire body hurt. After the new seat was built and installed, I am pain free riding on air. Thanks Seth, Jesse, and the rest of the Laam Custom team!   "
    Andrew C -

  • "Anybody can ride a few hundred miles in a day. A laam seat means you can ride a few hundred more the next day, and the next. The improvement over stock is phenomenal. Myself, both my sons, and a BUNCH of my friends ride on Laam, and we all love em."
    Rich K -

  • " Great morning spent with Seth and Jessie as they created my seats for my FJR during my ride in appointment. Couple of pros and nice gentlemen too. Seth showed me the various foams he uses and described the process even doing a test fit before finishing up the seats. Left the shop and rode over 400 miles on the new perch and what a huge difference! He raised me up a bit but also improved my reach to the ground! Excellent work. Five stars! Highly recommend a ride in if you can swing it! "
    Mike Rich -

  • " Seth has done 3 seats for me over the years. Each one was a work of art and one of the best mods I did for each bike. The Ninja 1000 stock seat was an ass burner within 20 minutes. Seth's custom seat turned it into an all day rocket. Trust me you cannot go wrong with one of his fantastic seats. Definitely worth the price of admission. Since I am now retired I am saving up my lunch money for him to do his magic on my Versys 650 seat.         "
    Tim T -

  • " Rode in on the 28th from Georgia for my custom seat on my 2019 V-Strom 1000XT. Seth had it done in about 4 hours. It’s a work of art ! A ton of craftsmanship in this seat. I’ve already put 1000 miles on it and it’s easily the best motorcycle seat I have ever had on any bike. Seth is a great host and his waiting area is comfortable and has everything you need. Thanks Seth! Can’t wait to get my Africa Twin seat done next!       "
    Bob Hansen -

  • "Seth, I received my seat that you made for my 2013 Yamaha FJR 1300 and was very pleased with the appearance. I kept the stock passenger seat which made it a little bit of a tight fit. Being it was March in upstate NY (Lake George region) I couldn't test it yet. Now that I have about 4000+ miles on it I have but 1 problem, I don't want to get off my bike. We did a 1300 mile trip to rolling thunder and I didn't want to get off, I could have ridden a lot more miles. With the stock seat I could ride 125 miles and my butt would kill me, not any more, the only reason I need to stop now is for gas and that's every 260 miles or so. Thank you very much."
    Daniel McGarr -

  • "Seth, in 2016 you made a seat for my 2016 FJR, In 2017 I did a 8 day  4000+ mile trip on it. this past weekend I did an Iron Butt Bun Burner 1500. 1st Day I did 1075 miles and day 2, I did 510 miles. Total trip 1585 in under 32 hrs total. The comfort of the seat was outstanding. The Stock Yamaha seat I could barley do 250 miles in day on it. It felt like bumble bees in my butt. Great Product. Looking to upgrade my Seat on my Harley Ultra classic. Will be checking into it this fall"
    Robert Clayton -

  • "Just a follow-up on the Laam Seat.  Traded in my 2014 Ultra Limited or a 2018 model. Would only do it if my Laam Seat would fit the new bike. Took it off the 2014 and transferred it to the 2018 before ever leaving the dealership, gave them the new seat from the 2018 model to put on the 2014. Rode the PCH through WA. OR and Ca back to Vegas and never ounce thought about my BUTT.  Again, "GREAT SEAT"   William from Vegas"
    William Queen -

  • " Thank you again for the seat you built for me earlier in the summer.  I FINALLY got a chance to put some distance hours into it a few weeks ago.  not a single shred of the old tailbone pain after a modest seven hour ride.  None!  It's perfect."
    Bruce Thomsen -

  • "Rick Morris recommends LAAM Custom Motorcycle Seats: "My newly recovered and rebuilt factory Triumph Rocket seat arrived as promised today. I couldn't wait to give it a test ride. As expected it is very comfortable and looks better than I expected it to. I am very happy with this seat. I will be doing a 300 + mile ride and I will get a better idea of how much better my new LAAM Custom seat is. The fit is perfect on the bike. The front area where it meets the tank looks better than the original. Nice job Seth, Thank You, Rick from Cape Cod, MA.""
    Rick -

  • "Hello Seth,   Here are some photos of the seat during a longer ride last Sunday. Rode for 6 hours through the North Georgia mountains, came home and after 10 minutes hopped back on the bike for another short ride. I was singing your praises all day! The seat is perfect in every way, gorgeous and amazingly comfortable. I  needed a butt break every 30 to 60 minutes with the previously customized seat from a local shop. Now, I am looking forward to unlimited riding and touring. How you get the fit and positioning just right with photos and a phone conference is simply amazing.   Sharon "
    Sharon S -

  • "Hey Guys, How are you? So yesterday I was able to do my first longer ride with the new seat, it was AWESOME! Thank you guys so much for the great job. My old seat started hurting at 100 miles and by 130 I HAD to get off the bike. Yesterday I did 200 miles before needing a gas stop and I felt as comfortable at 200 miles as I had at the beginning. I then finished out the ride with a total of 243 miles. Seth, when we last talked you said you'd love some pics of the seat on my FJR? I've attached four pics I took tonight. If you need something else of different pics let me know. Feel free to use these as you like. Cheers, Craig"
    Craig -

  • "Hey Seth, On Friday, 6/15/18 I rode in for a new Laam seat on my BMW f700GS. I stayed there while you built the seat and the experience was great. Friendly and relaxed is always good. The results were most excellent. The new seat creates a sitting position that is more comfortable for my butt, lower back and shoulders. It also seems to allow better control, no side-to-side slide. With the stock seat, riding for 1/2 hour gave me a sore butt. With the new seat, riding 1 1/2 hours and NO sore butt! The 3 words that best describe my new Seth Laam seat are excellent, excellent, excellent. Thanks guys Pete"
    Pete Miles -

  • "I had Seth redo the seat on my 2013 R1200RT a few months ago before heading out on a cross country trip, one that I had done 4 years ago on the OE seat, and had me in discomfort after day 2. With the reworked seat, 22 days on the road, 13K km, mostly 8-9 hr days in the saddle, 3 or 4, 12 hour days, the seat never crossed my mind and zero discomfort.  can only give the seat 2 thumbs up, because I only have 2. excellent job Seth. Cheers Oms"
    Omer MacDonald -

  • "Just wanted to thank you again for the great job You did on my Ninja 1000 seat. I finally have some miles on it and its great. The first long day I forgot all about it. Almost at the end of a 500 mile ride I stopped for gas and saw the seat and it clicked. 500 miles and not a thought about the seat. Great job! Great service! Thanks again "
    Jack - Crossville, TN -

  • "Great seat!!! The stock seat on my 2014 Harley ultra limited was a killer. Recreceived Got my seat from Seth just before leaving for Sturgis, and boy I'm glad I did. Rode from Las Vegas to Sturgis with a air hawk on the new seat and was just fine. Rode from Sturgis back to Las Vegas with just the NEW SEAT and was even better. Usually the return trip on any seat, and I'm feeling the burn. NOT ANY MORE!!!!  GREAT GUY, GREAT COMPANY, AND EVEN A GREATER SEAT!!!!!!  Got a Butt problem on your bike? Get a Laam seat and the problem is SOLVED!!!!!!"
    William - Las Vegas, NV -

  • "Seth, I finally got to put some serious miles on my 2012 R1200RT and am very pleased with the seat you custom built for me at your shop. For those reading this I was not technically a "ride in" as I brought the seat pans in the trunk of my car, the seat is extremely attractive and comfortable. Thanks for crafting such a fine product and at a reasonable price as well. Don't be afraid to send your pans to Seth as he can build it with or without you there."
    Tom - Bozeman, MT -

  • "You did my seat this past winter. I liked it as soon as I got it, but it just passed a great test. A few of us did 2000km over 4 days on all sorts of road conditions and what a difference! This new seat is so much more comfortable, has greater traction for slide prevention, offers more room for changing positions on long stretches, and made my legs more comfortable with the extra height you gave it as this bike was always a little low for me. Thanks again!"
    Colin - Windsor, Ontario -

  • "Wow, what a huge difference! I love it! BMW seats aren't known for their plush comfort, especially on my stock K1200S, which I saddled for 5 years before calling Seth. I tour on this bike and told Seth I wanted comfort and a more upright position. He accomplished a miracle. The seat is soooo comfortable. I'm doubling my normal mileage and still able to walk. Money very well spent!"
    Ian - Aspen, CO -

  • "Hi Seth, I wanted to touch base with you. Now that I've had a chance to put some miles on, I want to thank you for the excellent job you did on my Concours 14 seat!  It's taken my Concours from a sport bike with saddlebags to a long distance tourer approaching the ride-ability of my BMWs."
    Chuck - Suwanee, GA -

  • "Hi Seth, Just so onlookers to the site know, the seat you did for us is great, much more comfortable than some. Excellent workmanship and the turnaround time was unbelievably fast. I would recommend your services to anyone. Very satisfied with the finish product and service. It's a beautiful seat now, thanks Seth for great seat."
    Issac - Great Falls, MT -

  • "Hi Seth. I'm sure you'll remember me because I sent my seat back to you. I know you told me it was too far up, but I didn't listen. Now that you revised my seat, it's PERFECT now. Thanks so much! Great warranty!  "
    James - CA -

  • "Seth, Just wanted to let you know that my wife and I, Riding two-up just finished a 5,200 mile trip last week and both she and I sang your praises the whole time. Not once during the trip did I have to “STAND” on the pegs to give relief to my backside, and at the end of each ride day (600, 500 and 400 mile days) neither my wife nor myself were fatigued after sitting on your seat. Many people asked about your seat after seeing it and I was happy to tell them about it with a sense of pride, I gave many people your site name. Thank you again. "
    Thomas C. - WY -

  • "To the guys at LAAM’s custom seats - I’ve had a chance to ride your seat more than just a few miles. Working out of town I’ve gone about 150 miles one way and a round trip of 300 in a day and I must say the seat is EXCELLENT. I noticed on the trip down of 150. I don’t remember moving at all, no pain or discomfort whatsoever. Thanks for the great seat! "
    Eric - Cranberry, PA -

  • "Hi Seth, Got the seat Today, WOW! Everything is 100%  I cant wait to get out and ride. One less thing I have to worry about. Thank you. Also, I love the stitching on the seat! "
    Jeff - Little Chute, WI -