• "Just wanted to thank you again for the great job You did on my Ninja 1000 seat. I finally have some miles on it and its great. The first long day I forgot all about it. Almost at the end of a 500 mile ride I stopped for gas and saw the seat and it clicked. 500 miles and not a thought about the seat. Great job! Great service! Thanks again "
    Jack - Crossville, TN -

  • "Great seat!!! The stock seat on my 2014 Harley ultra limited was a killer. Recreceived Got my seat from Seth just before leaving for Sturgis, and boy I'm glad I did. Rode from Las Vegas to Sturgis with a air hawk on the new seat and was just fine. Rode from Sturgis back to Las Vegas with just the NEW SEAT and was even better. Usually the return trip on any seat, and I'm feeling the burn. NOT ANY MORE!!!!  GREAT GUY, GREAT COMPANY, AND EVEN A GREATER SEAT!!!!!!  Got a Butt problem on your bike? Get a Laam seat and the problem is SOLVED!!!!!!"
    William - Las Vegas, NV -

  • "Seth, I finally got to put some serious miles on my 2012 R1200RT and am very pleased with the seat you custom built for me at your shop. For those reading this I was not technically a "ride in" as I brought the seat pans in the trunk of my car, the seat is extremely attractive and comfortable. Thanks for crafting such a fine product and at a reasonable price as well. Don't be afraid to send your pans to Seth as he can build it with or without you there."
    Tom - Bozeman, MT -

  • "You did my seat this past winter. I liked it as soon as I got it, but it just passed a great test. A few of us did 2000km over 4 days on all sorts of road conditions and what a difference! This new seat is so much more comfortable, has greater traction for slide prevention, offers more room for changing positions on long stretches, and made my legs more comfortable with the extra height you gave it as this bike was always a little low for me. Thanks again!"
    Colin - Windsor, Ontario -

  • "Wow, what a huge difference! I love it! BMW seats aren't known for their plush comfort, especially on my stock K1200S, which I saddled for 5 years before calling Seth. I tour on this bike and told Seth I wanted comfort and a more upright position. He accomplished a miracle. The seat is soooo comfortable. I'm doubling my normal mileage and still able to walk. Money very well spent!"
    Ian - Aspen, CO -

  • "Hi Seth, I wanted to touch base with you. Now that I've had a chance to put some miles on, I want to thank you for the excellent job you did on my Concours 14 seat!  It's taken my Concours from a sport bike with saddlebags to a long distance tourer approaching the ride-ability of my BMWs."
    Chuck - Suwanee, GA -

  • "Hi Seth, Just so onlookers to the site know, the seat you did for us is great, much more comfortable than some. Excellent workmanship and the turnaround time was unbelievably fast. I would recommend your services to anyone. Very satisfied with the finish product and service. It's a beautiful seat now, thanks Seth for great seat."
    Issac - Great Falls, MT -

  • "Hi Seth. I'm sure you'll remember me because I sent my seat back to you. I know you told me it was too far up, but I didn't listen. Now that you revised my seat, it's PERFECT now. Thanks so much! Great warranty!  "
    James - CA -

  • "Seth, Just wanted to let you know that my wife and I, Riding two-up just finished a 5,200 mile trip last week and both she and I sang your praises the whole time. Not once during the trip did I have to “STAND” on the pegs to give relief to my backside, and at the end of each ride day (600, 500 and 400 mile days) neither my wife nor myself were fatigued after sitting on your seat. Many people asked about your seat after seeing it and I was happy to tell them about it with a sense of pride, I gave many people your site name. Thank you again. "
    Thomas C. - WY -

  • "To the guys at LAAM’s custom seats - I’ve had a chance to ride your seat more than just a few miles. Working out of town I’ve gone about 150 miles one way and a round trip of 300 in a day and I must say the seat is EXCELLENT. I noticed on the trip down of 150. I don’t remember moving at all, no pain or discomfort whatsoever. Thanks for the great seat! "
    Eric - Cranberry, PA -

  • "Hi Seth, Got the seat Today, WOW! Everything is 100%  I cant wait to get out and ride. One less thing I have to worry about. Thank you. Also, I love the stitching on the seat! "
    Jeff - Little Chute, WI -