Frequent Questions

What is the difference between a LAAM Custom Seat and other seat manufacturers?
We provide multiple densities of foams that are blended together to achieve the best possible seating for your body and riding type. The foams that are used play an important roll in the ability to sit long periods of time in a seat. Single density foam featured on other seats generally gives you proper support in all the wrong areas because it does not distribute weight evenly. Applying firm foam on the outer portions of the seat will pick up weight allowing the new slow recovery foam that is placed in the center of the seat to give way under the boney parts of the bottom. Please refer to the materials used page for further answers on the foams we use.

Do you build on a stock seat pan or manufacture your own?
All of our seats are built using the stock seat pan. By utilizing the stock seat, we can guarantee a proper fit when your new LAAM seat arrives. Aftermarket seat pans seem to never fit the bike properly.

Can you build on a aftermarket seat or seat pan?
Yes, we will redo other seat manufacture's seats to better fit you. We often add a small charge on Corbin seats when they are redone at our shop, due to the extra time and cost in drilling and re-riveting the seat pan. Please contact us for pricing for the additional work.

What if I altered my seat or had someone else alter it? Can you still build on it?
Yes. Depending on how much it has been altered, we sometimes add a small charge due to the extra time involved in making the new seat. Please contact us before you place your order to ask about the extra charge and if it applies to your seat.

Do you offer stock seat pans for a exchange?
Yes, but we only stock the most popular seat pan manufactures. Please contact us before you place your order.

What is the turn around time from when I place an order?
The turn around time is different from how far we are booked out on build dates. Our typical turn around time is 7 business days from when we receive your stock seat. Please be aware special ordered material may delay the production on your seat.

How long are you booked out in production?
This varies on work load and time of year. We do not overbook to ensure every seat will be given the proper time in which it takes to be built. Please contact us for a accurate date in which your seat will beguine its production.

Vinyl or Leather? Which is best for me?
Everyone has their own take on what is the “best” material. The bottom line is (no pun intended) you generally know what is best for you. Most people are already sold on a material before they buy. Leather is cooler and breaths extremely well it also truly breaks in. Con is you have to take care of it with proper leather treatment. Vinyl is a zero maintenance material breaths little if any
but is bullet proof. Remember a proper built seat will be comfortable no matter what material is used.

When do I pay? Do I pay for a production date?
No. We do not require a down payment for a production date. We do not believe you should have to pay for something you have not yet received. When your seat is build in a box and awaiting shipment, this is when we charge your order. If you choose to pay by check you can post date the check to be deposited on the date given.

How does the process work?
First is contact, we like to be contacted prior to an order placed to go over any questions, you the customer may have. We will give you a production date so you know when you will be off the bike. When the seat arrives to our shop we will contact you via email and phone tolet you know your seat has arrived. We will then recap your order before it goes into production to see if any info has changed (material, thread etc) once the seat is finished we snap a photo of it for your viewing pleasure. This will be sent via email or text, please indicate on order form. Once your new seat is in a box and awaiting shipment your order will be billed. You will receive a tracking number a photo and a digital receipt of your order. This process is designed to keep you in the loop of the production of your seat. From when it arrived to when it departed our shop. Again you will have a high quality photo to drool over wile it is on its way back home.

What if I live out of the country? Can I still get a seat built?
Yes! The process will take more time due to international shipping. We also pass our business shipping rate on all out of country orders. Please contact us for a shipping quote and also current specials.

Why is there stitching on the top of the seat and does it serve a purpose?
The stitching on the top of each seat does in fact have a purpose. First is it help bonds the top layer of material to the under laminated ¼” foam that is used to give our seats that pillow top look
and feel. Second it allows the cover to stretch in more than just one direction. Giving maximum comfort.

Are your seats hard like a Corbin?
No! Although there are parts of the seats that are hard and supportive our seats are known for a plush feeling style of a seat. Not to be confused with a soft seat. Firm and supportive where needed and soft and forgiving where needed.

Are your seats heated?
They can be! We offer headed seats with a manufactures warranty that are unbeatable. Please refer to our “Heated seats page” for pricing.

Can I add my own aftermarket heater to my order?
Yes. Although some aftermarket seat heaters provide heat they lack flexibility and make your seat rock hard which defeats the purpose of making your seat comfy. Please contact us before you purchase any aftermarket seat heater so we can review the manufactures specs.

If my stock seat is heated will it remain heated when it is finished?
Yes. We retain the factory heating element. Although it may take slightly longer to get warm due to the thicker material but will work just like it did before the built seat.

Does ran enter the stitching on your seats?
No. We don’t use cotton thread which acts like a wick. We use Sunguard thread which does not wick like cotton. Most water entered into the seat if form the bottom of the seat. (holes in the pan)


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